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Proposal in Quebec

As many non-resident salmon anglers know, there currently is no law that requires us to either book through an outfitter or retain a guide to fish the many salmon rivers of Quebec. I think many of you may like to know that currently there are several outfitters in Quebec that have just made a proposal to the Government that all non-residents must either book through an outfitter or guide service to be able to fish any of the salmon river in the Province. I've been salmon fishing for over 15 years and have spent most of the last 10 years fishing in Quebec for a variety of reasons. One of which is the fact that I can fish on my own without a guide or the use of an outfitter. I spend up to a month each year in Quebec and although I may not fish every day, I do fish from between 15 to 20 days during my stay. To have to pay an outfitter for services that I do not need, I feel is unnecessary. It is not that I am against outfitters at all, in fact, my first few years of fishing in Quebec I had used the services of several outfitters to help me become familiar with the areas that I was fishing. Over my month stay in Quebec I will say that I do support the local economy by the use of hotels, restaurants and many other local businesses. Many of the towns that are close to the salmon rivers no doubt benefit from the non-resident anglers fishing in the area and although not depending solely on their business to be sucessful know that without them they would see a significan drop in sales. I know that the residents of Quebec are concerned with the large increase in the number of non-residents that have been coming out in the preseason lottery draws. This problem exists because of a select few individuals that are financially able to take advantage of the current rules and regulations. To my knowledge, this problem has been recognized and can only hope that it will be addressed directly and that all non-residents will not have to suffer because of the actions of the select few.

I truly hope that the Quebec government will not change the current regulations as it pertains to non-residents. I believe that the individual angler should make the decision to book through a outfitter or guide service if they desire, not make it a requirement.

I would like to hear any comments from residents and non-resident alike regarding this matter.

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The requirement to participate in the many ZEC draws AND hire a guide/outfitter would seem an undue hardship for ANYONE who wishes to fish "La Belle Provence" (Quebec).

For most Americans and many Canadians, New Brunswick is a lot closer. The Miramichi has more Atlantic salmon than all the rivers of the Gaspe' combined (and then some).

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Stupid proposal

Oh god here we go again! I quit fishing Newfoundland for exactly the same reason. Who do they think fishes all the catch and release season. Not the locals and not the guys with money. It is the journeymen fishers (read; guys without money) that bring money to the local economy early in the season. It looks like it is time to start writing some letters. ANN HELP what can you tell us about this? It is not too long ago we had to write with regard to the native fishery. Are those addresses still valid? Brian, Charlie any INfo? With what I have learned in the past we have to get organized really quickly to make a difference.
Speyguy 66 where did you get your info. and have you confirmed this is the case?
If this is more than a rumour then we have to be VERY VOCAL if we hpe to continue fishing the Gaspe'.
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Guys, the ability to pool our voices toward such causes is at the very heart of the Forum, in fact the power of community is one of the primary motivations for building this site in the first place. Absolutely lets use it where appropriate to send emails, communicate the core issues, and stay aligned.

I am certainly no expert in Quebec angling regulations and economic drivers but speaking just as a person who frequently has Gaspe' daydreams since a recent trip there, it seems to me that such a decision would hurt the economy of the area more than it would help as Topher pointed out.

I will watch as the conversation develops and be ready to set up easy emailing forms to help get more people involved, once we have the full story and names of contacts we will need to petition.
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It is not a rumour, but a fact….not only (guides mandatory) but some want a % (of rods on some rivers) before the pre-season draws in order to accommodate their clients.

As SpeyGuy66 has mentioned:
Yes, residents of Quebec are concerned with the large increase in the number of non-residents that have been coming out in the preseason lottery draws. And yes, this problem exists because of a select few individuals that are financially able to take advantage of the current rules and regulations.

This has made all the Québec newpapers since November and still is!!!

I too think, non-residents shoud not have to suffer because of the actions of the select few.

As I stated before on another board
A guide or an Outfitter, should be a question of personal choice.
Some don't need guides and some don't have the budget for guides.
Some prefer guides and others like a luxury trip.
Fishing must stay accessible to all!!!
Fishing is about getting away from life stresses and enjoying yourself (alone, with a buddy or a guide....whatever!!). It's there for matter who you are, "cast a fly" and make it your million dollar trip!!
It also gives the opportunity to some anglers to come with the whole famliy (at a price that works for them..) and stay longer and do other things in the area than fishing.

I also think this will hurt our economy (hotel, motels, restaurants, fly shops, gas station etc….)

It is great, we are seeing more kids fishing ……I am not sure some will be able to afford bringing the whole family if this happens.

Will this become a sport only for the Rich???
Are we returning to “Private Clubs?”

There is place for everyone, Outfitters, guides and anglers who want to fish on their own. The present rules and regulations are being reviewed (hopefully for the best!)

I think, It’s time to address your concerns.

This is urgent, rumour has it, a meeting is set for mid-February…..

Count me in!!!

Actually, I have already started my homework.........

I will not go any further in this discussion

(Let's keep it accessible!!)

Keep'em in the water!!

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I believe that both proposals ( req'd guide/outfitter and the percentage thingy) were shotdown at the "Table de Saumon" on Dec 5. A few,and I might add VERY few, members of the FQSA DID want to adopt the guide ruling for non residents and they were severely shot down. as was the idea to dramatically increase non resident fees .
Topher ,you're quite right about the Miramichi,HOWEVER you ,and I, as non residents will require a "guide" to accompany us on the river. Besides, give me a small run of TAKING fish anytime .

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FYI, this topic was raised on another SAOL board as well as here. The latest comment there, which was posted by a fellow I know to be very active in salmon matters, was as follows:

"According to the FQSA ( Salmon Québec federation) after the result of their Fall survey ( Memory paper) ( ) given to the Québec's Minister of Natural ressources, they don't propose any change for non-resident salmon fishing but they requested that this subject is [sic] discuss [sic] in the near future."

So, as some here have suggested, it appears the issue may not be dead, just asleep.
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Well, this topic is becoming very hot. My first post on this forum. As a member of the board of the FQSA, I think I have to clarify some points.

There are a couple concerns in this topic.

Is the question of mandatory outiftter or guide has been discussed in the last "Table Saumon". Yes. Is there an official request from outfitter? I would say no (as a member of the table, I need to keep some discussion at the table level, you will all understand). But sure there is some representation to that. Is there any support on this? Clearly no. Not from FQSA. As far as I know, not from GRSQ. Would say no from FQF. The last survey was clear. A change on the legislation should be approoved by the partners, not only by a group of interest. But even if the FQSA has recommended not to adopt a legislation for a mandatory guide, any change in the Nova Scotia legislation on this issue may occur to a revision of this position.

Regarding the fact the Miramichi is having much more fish than all Gaspe rivers. Right. And it will always be like it. Just a genetic question. With 70% of grilse, the spawning result will always require much more fish on the Miramichi than in the Gaspe river's where most of fish are MSW , and large % 3years MSW. The capacity to support parr is proportional to thw watershed and the number of eggs received, not to the number of fish (all size included)...Restigouche is also in NB...and will never have the number of fish of the Miramich! Everything is question of choice...size of fish and kind of water!

I think your concerns are justified, and it is an excellent time to express them. Quebec province is now at the corner of a big transition. There are some politic pressures for different things. But there is something clear. Non resident are always welcome here. The residents are AGAINST any restriction on pre season draw for non-resident (the last survey showed that clearly), even if non-resident would welcome a pre draw restricted to residents...also clearly showed in the survey. The result of the last draw in Gaspe is something that should have never happenned, and everybody working in the salmon world in Quebec (including Gaspe Zec) know why. The required changes are on the way to be implemented.

The FQSA presented a "Memoire" to the government last december. It has been presented to the "Table Saumon" also. This document is actualy on translation to be available in english by the next 2 weeks. It has already received the support of the FQF (Quebec Wildlife Federation), and been subject to very good comments from the press. I would suggest to everyone to read it, and after, to support and/or recommend changes if required. The FQSA is an open forum.

I wish an Happy New Year to all the members of this forum, and hope to meet you next summer

Pierre Manseau

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The " way the draws are run"topic was and is being discussed, but not as is being depicted here and on SAOL. There is a VERY big lobby of anglers here in Quebec that wish to severely curtail outfitter/guide activity on our Salmon rivers .It has become a very heated issue .You can read the recommendations on the FQSA site that were made to the table de Saumon .Concentrate on articles (if I remember right) 80 through 95 and you'll get a jist of where things are heading.
I attended the FQSA meeting at which the guide for non residents issue was raised and the proposal was largely shot down.However there WAS a VERY small (3 or 4) and very vocal group of individuals who insisted on reviving the issue in the future. I do believe ,however, that a severe curtailment of outfitter/guiding activities in the future is definately in the cards for 2006.
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Hi all,

My Bot just found this thread, so I'll jump in late.

I guess the question comes down to, What is fishing ??

Is it a right, a heritage, a privilege ?? And for who ??

I'm for reasonable access to ressources for (all) users. I'm also for the long term viability of ressource based industries.

IMHO, we need some "compromises" here. I think Ann says it best, "... Keep it accessible". Some Cat I rivers in BC have hurt local businesses as there is no longer a resident fisherie and the Big Cats that can afford the few Guide Services don't spend locally.

Accessible for who. Well all of us (resident and non-resident). Unfortunately Quebec LawMakers seem to prefer "wall to wall" regulations. If there is talk of mandatory guides, the gouvenement just might do that for ALL non-residents.

I guide part time, do I think this is a good idea?? NO !!
Christopher Chin
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For the record, in case you missed the other post

Dear Anglers,

I would like to try to set the record straight on a few issues that have been popping up on fishing boards around the world in regards to accessibility on Quebec Atlantic salmon rivers.

Here are the facts:

1. On December 4th, at the annual Quebec Outfitters Federation meeting in Quebec City a motion was passed that stated the following: (The QOF would like to propose looking into the possibility of making guiding mandatory for all noble species including Black Bear, Moose, Caribou, Atlantic Salmon, Deer, and Migratory birds), considering that this is practiced in most other provinces and several states, not to mention many other countries. The reasons for examining this possibility are many but the two major points were of a social (employment basis) and for accessibility considerations. THE SUBJECT WAS DISCUSSED BY ALL OUTFITTERS (FOR ALL SPECIES) and WAS NOT ONLY PUT FORTH BY A FEW OUTFITTERS as some would have all of you believe. The proposition was to EXAMINE the impact, NOT adopt it right away. I am sure that it will be a very long time before it happens, if it ever does. So please do not lose any sleep over this!

2. In regards to the 20% of the rods available in limited entry sectors being asked for by outfitters, THIS IS ALSO INCORRECT as it has been stated. The facts here are as follows. Outfitters have not formally asked for any 20%. They have, however, asked that they be allotted some waters to promote so that they may have something to sell their guests, rather than go through all of the draws to secure water for their clients and overloading the draws with the names of potential clients. Something that has recently become a source of contention for many anglers playing these draws, especially by Quebecer’s, and with good reason, I might add. The requests we have made have been to allow us to work within the 20% discretionary rods that Zec’s are allowed to sell to meet certain needs in order to operate and this will lead us to limit our presence in the draw process, which in turn will allow a MUCH greater chance for all others to win in the lotteries. The actual discussion is coming from the FQSA as well as the government and the QOF.

Consider the following: by allotting some waters to the outfitters, the Government and FQSA (who were the ones who proposed this sort of solution along with the outfitters), and outfitters see a benefit for accessibility for all anglers but first and foremost FIRST NATIONS PEOPLES and RESIDENT ANGLERS, who, by the way, ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE, WHO ACTUALLY HAVE THE RIGHT to fish in Quebec. For ALL others it is a privilege! We should all remember this as we post our messages.

Why would allotting some rods, within the 20%, to outfitters, or another salmon promoter, increase chances for RESIDENT anglers and for that matter, non-residents as well? Simple, if these businesses are out of the fall draw, or are limited in the number of potential cards they put in for their confirmed guests, (on their behalf) then peoples’ chances of winning the draws become a whole lot easier, even if a small portion of the water is allotted to outfitters, and I do mean a small portion IN COMPARISON to what was controlled by them through draw picks in the past. Consider this for example: in the past years on some rivers up to 54% of the waters in controlled zones were being bought by outfitters and other interests for their clients. You ask again how did they do that? Easy… outfitters and other businesses who organize fishing created a demand through their marketing and sales efforts to finally put Quebec on the map as a destination. We took all of the mystery of draws that scared many away in the past and made it simple for them. Back in the 90’s and early 2000 period, Zec’s WANTED outfitters and other businesses to put in as many cards as possible so that they could bring in revenue and so that they could sell their water. Now that we have created a demand for salmon fishing on some rivers, (becoming a victim of our own success), they want to change the rules. Fine by me, but do we get rid of all the jobs that have been created just so that we can offer more accessibility to all anglers? What happens in an off year when there are no salmon? Who will be asking to fish then? Starting PRIVATE-PUBLIC-PARTNERSHIPS such as the government might be proposing along with some others at the table might be the best solution to guarantee that everyone will win in the end.

This is why we are all seated around the Salmon Round Table. To figure out what we should do, what is best for Quebecer’s who fish, and for those who WORK within this industry. There are SOME PEOPLE out there that would like to have you all think that there are a few select outfitters who want to CONTROL all the waters on our magnificent rivers. FALSE! BS! NO TRUE! SO OFF TRACK IT MAKES ME LAUGH!!!! All we want is to be able to run our businesses without having to go through a lottery system because we are sick of having the finger pointed at us in terms of limiting accessibility. PERIOD! We have employees to think about, investments to cover and a love for the sport and the species! We are not interested in control; we simply want to continue to run our businesses within a framework that will FIRST meet the needs of NATIVE and QUEBEC RESIDENT accessibility, then the non-residents. How this will be decided will be the result of the hard work put in at the round table discussions between the parties concerned.

Several ideas have been thrown around and proposed, both by the outfitters and the FQSA, who represent the interests of salmon anglers in Quebec. Their priority, first and foremost is for QUEBEC accessibility, as I have already stated numerous times. As intelligent people, the people involved in this process realize that this is an industry and that many jobs are at stake, as a matter of fact, a tradition is at stake as outfitting has been part of our heritage for as long as white’s have hunted and fished in this province! If we were to take outfitters out of the picture there would be a lot of angling available but a #### of a lot of people out of work. Maybe we should consider their needs and livelihoods before we throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Let’s get back to the RESOURCE of salmon. Now I am going to ask all of you to think hard about this, SALMON ARE A RESOURCE here in Quebec, just like trees, but they are renewable in the short term, meaning that many people can live off of this resource. In a perfect world we would all make 6-figures a year and would not have to worry about making money. Outfitters from around the world make their livelihood off the selling of big game hunting, trout fishing and salmon fishing. It is a simple fact. Why should Quebec outfitters be looked at like monsters for doing the same, when they have been doing it for over a century? The question comes down to the system and how things are divided. THAT IS EXACTLY what we are trying to do: find a solution to dividing up (sharing) the resource in a responsible manner.

Without going into detail, this is what is being proposed. First the 20% that everyone has been talking about has been around since the Zec’s have existed. It was allocated to the Zec’s as a means for them to be able to do business with existing private camps, or private property owners and then was later offered as a means to inject funds into certain Zec’s that needed to sell blocks of water to increase revenues. It is nothing new, just never really applied on most rivers. The FQSA seems to be of the opinion that outfitters and other legal businesses within the salmon world should have first crack at a PORTION of this so that they can continue to operate. IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY, 20% is A WHOLE LOT LESS THAN WHAT OUTFITTERS AND OTHER LEGAL BUSINESSES (there are some that are not legal, so beware) were winning in the fall draws, about 50% less even more in some cases. WE as OUTFITTERS are ready to take the hit just as long as we know what we have to sell each year! In two cases on the Gaspe, outfitters are not even ASKING for 20% we are asking that NEW rods be added to rivers where we can operate, which means that NO RODS AT ALL would go to outfitters out of the 20%. THESE ARE THE FACTS!!!! Even if we are outfitters, we are still OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! UNLIKE PRIVATE CAMPS who seem to be missing from this debate, but that is for another time. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that new sectors on some rivers were developed based on requests from outfitters, who know these rivers inside out, they would not affect the resource in terms of killing fish because almost all of the outfitters in our area practice Catch & Release angling. What about the non-reserved sectors? Do not forget that some of them are excellent! Outfitters buy access passes there as well and contribute to the river associations and Zec’s once again.

I can tell you that if we do away with outfitting there will be a lot of cooks, guides, shore-boys, managers, accountants and many others all earn their living from SALMON FISHING who will be without work! Any reasonable human being will be able to see that there needs to be a balance struck between accessibility to the resource for simple pleasure and employment for one of our poorest regions of Quebec. Another point is this; there is a REAL need and DEMAND for guides, outfitters and those who promote angling in Quebec. If there were not, we would not be having this debate. The question is how to balance all of this to meet the needs of the masses and satisfy the needs of the local economies and visiting anglers who wish to fish through an outfitter or on their own.

So the next time that people post about what THEY may lose, and who is to blame, I suggest that you get your facts straight, think about someone else but yourself and try to see the BIGGER picture and not get sucked into campaigns that tarnish peoples images and reputations. Give the process time and maybe you will all be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I have put my entire life into this business and have worked very hard at trying to make Quebec a special place to come and fish. I am deeply saddened and troubled by the way this debate has started and I have kept silent throughout most of this bashing campaign. I have decided to break my silence with only one purpose, to better inform you all of what the REAL reality is. I know that this was long, and for those of you who read all of it I thank you and encourage you to call or email me at anytime if you want more specifics.

In conclusion, I know that there is a solution out there and believe me when I tell you that we are working to find one all together. The final solution will need to keep the interests of the Quebec Salmon Angler in mind first along with those of Native peoples, second will be the needs of our local economies that depend on this resource as a means of making their living and the last consideration will be for those who are guests coming to this province to fish. It is simple as that. I know this sounds harsh but it is no different from any other province, state or country who offers sporting as a business.

I welcome all comments and varying points of view, but could do without comments that point the finger at certain individuals, past events that are exactly that, THE PAST, as well as personal attacks pointed at anyone working hard to keep Quebec at the forefront of Atlantic salmon angling in the world!
Best to you all and may your rods always be frowning!

David Bishop
David Bishop
Independent Salmon & Trout guide
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First, I would like to thank everyone that has taken notice of my original post. I think that it is apparent that there is a fair amount of concern among non-residents on this subject, and for good reason. It was never my intent to start "rumors" nor point fingers at anyone, but merely to inform non-residents that indeed there was a proposal of the non-resident issue. Most of the information I received is from the Quebec Outfitters Federation website. Although the site is in English and French, the English section of the site does not contain the press release translation. One of the topics was the allocation of fishing rights on salmon rivers. On November 16, 2004 the FPQ made a recommendation to the Quebec Government that one way to effectively and rapidly fix the problem of more access for residents would be to make mandatory guiding for all non-residents. I find it ironic that it is some, but not all outfitters that are responsible for the large increase in the number of non-residents that have been coming out in the lottery draws by overloading them with names of "so called" potential clients. So how will this improve access for residents?

I agree that salmon fishing in Quebec is a privilege for all non-residents and for that myself along with many others are greatly appreciative. But keep in mind that we are also paying for the privilege by entering in the lotteries, buying daily passes and also membership cards to the ZECs. I am not saying this out of disrespect for residents or First Nation People, but only that we be able to have some voice on this decision. The two points that were given for this recommendation were first, to improve access for residents which I've already covered. The second point was to improve employment opportunites. One of the things that makes Quebec unique to Atlantic salmon anglers is the fact that they can fish on their own. If these anglers were forced to have to go through an outfitter, I think many of them might look elsewhere for their salmon fishing needs. I also think the benefit that non-residents have on local ecomonies would far exceed any gain by making them have to hire a guide or outfitter. One example is the following: I know of several salmon anglers that travel to Quebec for family vacations and spend part of their vacation, but not all of it salmon fishing. They enter the 48 hour lotteries and will fish for a few days. They support the local economy by using motels, restaurants, gas stations, etc., which fits in their budget, however, if forced to have to go through an outfitter would go elsewhere for their fishing/family vacation.

I would like to thank you for clearing up all the confusion as it relates to the 20% rule. I do, however, have several questions. First, who sits at the Salmon Round Table and are all interested parties represented fairly? Second, who would be responsible for how the 20% would be distributed or how the extra rods would be added to the reserved zones? Speaking for myself, I think that the 20% rule could work if done correctly and it stops outfitters from in large part from taking part not only in the pre-season draw, but also the 48 hour lottery.

I am sure that the popularity of Quebec salmon rivers over the past 10 years are not solely responsible because of outfitters, but by a group effort by many different interested parties. So I do not feel you are a "victim of your own success." I am not saying that outfitters have not contributed to the success of the rivers, because they have. What I am saying is that they have had alot of help from other legal interests. An example of this would be the three Gaspe Rivers which until a few years ago had no active outfitters operating. These rivers have continued to prosper through the effort of good marketing on behalf of the ZEC and also good old "word of mouth" efforts. Myself along with other salmon anglers I am sure do not want to see outfittes disappear. There is no doubt that they provide a very valuable resource, not only to salmon anglers, but also the local ecomony. I think one thing all Quebec salmon anglers are looking for is a compromise so that everyone can enjoy this great sport and then start to focus on the more important issue and that is the conservation of salmo salar and all the fantastic memories it has given us not only in the past but also hopefully future memories as well.

Dave, please don't discount these concerns as rumors or finger pointing. These are valid concerns that residents and non-residents alike are taking very seriously. Although I might not be "loosing sleep over this," I along with many others will be following this topic very closely.

Juro, I would also like to thank you for allowing this topic to continue. This same topic has appeared on other boards only to be censored or worse, have the moderator become biased to one point of view because of the controversal matter involved. No one is trying to slander, point fingers, or start rumors, but to discuss a very important subject.

I would like to see a continued discussion of this topic from residents and non-residents alike.

Thank you,

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My heart sank when I read this thread, I have been fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Quebec for the past couple of years and I've been thrilled with the experience, the quality of the salmon , the beauty of the rivers and the pleasure of simply being there means a lot to me. It is of course, the salmon that brings me there. I had hoped that this would be an annual trip for me, as a simple working man who lives within driving distance (Maine) it is possible for me to go fishing in Quebec every year, as long as I am not required to hire a guide, If I am required to hire a guide it adds several hundreds of dollars to my trip and it is no longer an annual opportunity for me, I would still come, but perhaps I could only afford every other year or one in three years.
To me this is a false economy, the people who can afford guides will hire them anyway, and those of us who cannot will simply not be able to fish/visit Quebec. I see that as a net loss. I also believe that mandatory outfitting/guiding is bad for the sport and bad for the industry in general. I fished the Mirimichi several years ago and had a "mandatory guide" , one of the worst sporting experiences of my life. My "guide" sat at the motor and swilled beer from a brown paper bag all day, when I asked him to travel downriver to a different spot he told me we did not have enough gas, we actually ran out of gas on the river. now, I know that this would not have happened if I were staying at Ponds or one of the other fine outfitters on the Mirimichi, but I can't afford those guys, so I am stuck with one of the local "outboard jockeys" which made my trip miserable, I have never returned to the Mirimichi.
I also believe that fisheries should be managed for conservation, not for monetary opportunities. Here in Maine we are forbidden to fish for Atlantic salmon because of the Endangered Species Act, as much as that is a hard ship we can live with it because it is important for the conservation and restoration of the species. This is a lot different than being excluded because you can't afford a guide. Will Salmon fishing in the Americas become the sole domaine of the wealthy as it is in many parts of the world. I sure hope not.
Hopefully this will not pass and anglers from all walks of life will get to sample the delights of Quebec salmon. Thank you, Terry
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Thumbs up


Thanks for your comments

The ideas are just being batted around for now and NOTHING has been decided.

Hopefully things will get straightened out to everyones liking and in a fashion that our friends and neighbours from "out of town" can keep coming to play on some of the most beautiful rivers on earth.

Tight Lines ...
Christopher Chin
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