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Ultimate Stripping Basket line minders

After a few years of tweaking and toying, I've determined that the best stripping basket doesn't exist yet and to get it I'd have to build it. Yes, the orvis basket is a damn good one, if not the best store-bought model out there. But the design I had in mind is completely different from the ones people use today, so the mission to build the noveau basquet begun.

This was all well and good but every time I went to locate materials ol' miss Rubbermaid would wink at me in a dark aisle and for a few bucks, I'd walk out of the hardware store with another forest green dishpan.

Now that I've gone as far as cutting two slots and threading a nylon mesh strap with quick-release buckles to the dishpan, I have resigned to the fact that I will probably never build the grandiose basket I envisioned, and so the next step is to ask the readership...

Which do you prefer:

a) the drop-in insert that converts the dishpan to an orvis wannabe?

b) weed-whacker cord?

c) what else have you guyz tried?
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