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Angry Update on Henning Park Spey Clave

Hello folks! Woodlander has contacted me as to our TU Chapter(KVCTU Kalamazoo Valley Chapter of TU) supplying the food for the upcoming Spey Clave at Henning Park. Am in the process now of getting info to the "board members"and see if we can do that for the Clave? Planning on getting some propane grills and doing brats, Polish Sausage, hamburgers, and hot dogs with all the necessary buns and condiments. Want to have a variety of chips and other snack paks as well as several coolers of a variety of soft drinks and bottled water plus, my mainstay, good, hot coffee. Now, please be aware that this is only tenative at this point, OK? It must meet with approval. I must ask..will there be any electricity (110v) available for the coffee pot(s)? Please advise me of any other things that we might be thinking of supplying as far as "eats" go in case I've overlooked some things. I am very optimistic that our TU Chapter will approve of this venture. Thanks to Woodlander for the asking. Best regards, Stiver ************************************************** **NOTE UPDATE: 02/13/' 04 KVCTU has declined the offer to provide the food for this Clave due to the conflict with Mothers' Day Weekend. So sorry, no can do this year. Best, Stiver
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