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RE:WD 40 and Fly Lines

I finally connected with John Harter from RIO last nite and he passed along some thoughts on the WD-40 issue:

* He said that in his opinion, you are far better off taking a rag or paper towel and using very very light instrument oil to wipe down your reel than using WD-40. He felt that you could wipe your reel down with WD-40 but he felt it left too much of a film on the reel. As Jeffg mentions, it is important to get into the cracks and crevices with a toothbrush. In terms of cleaning up the reels, he suggests warm soapy water to clean the reel,line, etc...and then a good rinsing in fresh water. He added that using a small bit of vinegar in the water will help get rid of built-up salt.

* As far as cleaning the line, he recommends Sci-Anglers product. He said even though they are our competition, they make the best line cleaner. He said that for the new Self-Lubricating lines, you would never want to use something like Glide or another wax like cleaner as it would block up the pores of the line.
Hence, why you should not spray WD-40 on the reel with the line on it also as it would block the pores of the Self-Lubricating Lines.

* He also mentioned that he might have some new lines for us to try at the Monomoy Clave if they are ready in time. More to come on this.....

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