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I assume that you would prefer a sit-on-top (SOT), since they seem to be easier for fishing. Kayaks that are probably large enough for your son include Cobra's Fish 'n Dive, Navigator, and Tourer; Emotion's Fisherman (probably marginal); Malibu's Extreme and Tandem, and maybe Pro Explorer; Ocean Kayak's Prowler and Drifter; Wilderness Systems' Tarpon 16 (probably marginal) and Ride. There are others, but I can't remember them right now.

The Ambush would certainly work, but note that it weighs apx. 100 lbs without accessories, which may be a factor depending on where & how you plan to launch. I have no personal experience with the Tribalance but the "common wisdom" among a lot of kayak fishermen is that it's not a good idea to use it in anything other than reasonably calm water. Then again, there is an Orvis shop on the Cape that rents them for saltwater use, so who knows.

There are several good kayaking web sites on the Internet that either concentrate on, or have strong fishing interest groups. I'm not supposed to post urls here, but if you google on

kayak fishing recommendations

The first page of results will include at least two of these sites, including one that is owned by a couple of guys who run a kayak fishing retail operation in the NY/NJ area.

Good luck !
Rod Brake

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