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RE:Striper Fly Lines

Roop and others....

Sorry for being MIA for a while.........lots of stuff going on in my personal life these days...... to the Rio Lines........I have used these lines for about 3 years now. I absolutely love them. There striper line is a Rocket. The only drawback on it (like many other striper lines) is you really need to stretch it out. I usually take the line off the reel and strecth 2 or 3 foot sections. I have even dragged it behind the boat for a few miles and that seems to help. Once it strecthes, look out ! RIO has come out with a clear Aqualux striper line. I just got it but have not put it on a reel.
I also use their Windcutter lines and they worked very well out west with the constant wind on some of those big western rivers. In fact, I was even able to use a 9ft, 4wt more often than in the past because of this line. They recently intoduced more colors to the lines (green camo, etc) to offer more selctions.
Although I cannot make the Early Spring Clave, I will be at the Monomoy Adventure and will hopefully have some extra RIO's to let you try..........

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