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Pete, I agree with everything that you posted. In my opinion, there isn't too much difference between the elements of a fly for still water vs. moving water pike. When I fish the rivers around here, about 80% of the action takes place in relatively shallow backwaters. The only time that the fish might be holding in moving water is when they are in depressions downstream of islands or humps, but even this is never really more than 10 feet deep and the fish aren't actually in the current. They are in the holes and out of the current. But for a fly to get to them, it needs weight (conehead or clouser eyes).

Epoxy does tend to make the flies sink a bit more quickly, and for that reason any deceiver type flies that I make for pike in shallow water have as little as possible. In fact, I'm going to experiment a bit with Softex to see how much of a difference that makes on sink rate. I remember sending some to you last year, and I confirmed what you also discovered: they had entirely too much epoxy, and the hooks were too heavy for the application. This is one of the reasons that I thought about the Blonde pattern, because the head is much smalller (less epoxy needed) and I'm now using Dai Rikki freshwater hooks.

Live and learn.

Long story short: what you said!
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