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RE:Striper Fly Lines

Per the Rio lines... I am also a great fan of the Striper lines they put out. They aren't exactly clear, but a real stealthy dull transparent grey and with the bullet taper do they ever throw a loop.

I strung up a 9wt Rio Saltwater / Striper line on a Sage rod when Seattle member Brian Lencho came out last summer and he loved it. He now uses one for ocean coho out on the Pacific coast. We both include Rio lines in our Spey casting setups (Windcutter, Accellerator, etc).

I am a great fan of the 444 Cortland lines, they have been paying attention to the market demand over the last few years. The 325 grain QD is a working man's sinking line that casts easier than conventional lines as long as shooting head rules are followed: don't aerialize much more than the head itself. They aren't technically shooting heads but the only difference is no loop. (Isn't that right Bassman?) The new 444 clear lines *hold a nail knot*, in fact mine held all season. The slippage on other lines kept me from investing for years. When you factor in the Big Game SW Intermediate (white) which casts like a "normal" flyline, and the XRL series (another shooting head style design w/o the loop) which casts like a banshee (although I kept getting cuts on my hands from the abrasive running line) - Cortland has a great range of striper lines.

SA offers the Striper Mastery line, which I have not tried. Many of my friends fish it, and most love it. I'll reserve comments for those who have firsthand experience. I am a big fan of SA lines, particularly the long belly steelhead and Spey designs as well as Mastery dry lines for trout. Their wide assortment of tapered shooting heads is also very popular with steelhead fishermen who build hybrid sink tips.

I like the concept of the Orvis WonderLines, hopefully the intermediate version that just came out will provide a low-maintenance, slick shooting alternative for SW FF folks. We'll have to try 'em out too!

[Sorry about the delay, I hope to have this testing program setup by the start of the season!]
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