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RE:Weekend report?


Have slowly started switching over to the long belly lines. For my summer fishing I think thier hard to beat,but for winter fishing I still like the shorter heads. I can cast some pretty heavy tips on 9 and 8wt rods,with a long belly line and heavy tips I would probably have to get a 10wt. I have used a few 10wt rods and wouldn't want to cast one for 10 or 12 hours a day, atleast not at this point. I have found also that most long belly lines don't load rods well at 50 to 60ft, thus I find my self fishing a long line when there is no need to do so. But on the other hand when your stripping line all day that adds up to a lot of time when your fly is not fishing. With the rods I use if I want to go to the heavier tips I stick with the shorter heads or pick a happy happy medium such as the mispey type lines, which will fish at 65 to 70ft with out shooting line and you can hit 80 all day with a minimum of shooting line. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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