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RE: Beach fishing.

Hi Guys.
Thanks for the kind words Striblue , and I am sorry about the quality of the picture. No, I didnt get the tail, however i did get the head-steaks from this one and they were delicious. I also managed to save the hook and about 1' of leader so that is part of a shadow-box mount.
Juro, i was aboard a 43' lobster boat-doubling as a Tuna boat and we were about 7 miles from shore at time of hook-up.
The procedure we used was to cut the engines and make a 2 hour drift over the good spots. We had two rods out with one mackeral each as a down-bait(live) and on the down wind side we used the kite to keep another mackeral at the suface and about200-300yds from the boat. Both fish that week were on the kite!
For those of you who know the area, we were 7miles off Sight Point- Inverness, Cape Breton.
As an aside....You know you are in a fishing town when they sell cans of beer in the pop machines(at the harbor) for $2.00!!!!
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