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Fly Line Breakage Strength

I was asked to find out the breakage strength of off shore fly lines. After speaking with a number of the manufactures I was able to gather the following information.


Single Core
0-6 weight 20 - 25lbs
7-13 weight 30 - 35lbs
Braided Core
0-3 wght 15lbs
4-7 wght 20lbs
8-9 wght 25lbs
10-13 wght 35lbs

Cortlands 444sl Big Game
WF13F - 30lbs


13/13 wghts 40lbs

Bluewater 13-15 wght 42-45lbs
Billfish 13&15 wght 33-35lbs

The flyline becomes the weak link when we use 50lb backing
and short 40-50lb leaders.
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