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I hope to make it this year. If so I can bring my 12' tin boat provided that we launch and stay in protected waters. I can take one additional person but we would have to take turns casting.

Kirk, there are a few places with self-sustaining pike populations in western MA, including Lake Buel, Onota Lake, Pontoosuc Lake, Cheshire Reservoir and the Houstatonic River. I have had my best (i.e., only) success with the flyrod in the Housatonic River, but ice fishermen often catch monsters in Pontoosuc and Onota lakes so I know they're in there. I think the pike population in Cheshire Lake has declined dramatically in the last decade or two, but the ice guys used to catch them there as well. Lake Buel seems to have a healthy population but I haven't fished it enough to know for sure.


p.s., I think the Charles River in eastern MA has good pike fishing too, but I don't have any first-hand knowledge of that.
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