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RE:OS Systems Waders

Hi Pete -

They know me as the guy who always bugs them to go breathable with their waders. She even went as far as to tell me they were going to do it, shut me up for a year! Kidding, I'm sure she said that in total sincerity... I hope

Anyway, a pair of breathable OSS waders would be the cats ass bar none in my book. I own the top of the line Simms and love them - but the thought of those comfy and cool OSS feet when my feet are burning up on the flats in the 5mm neoprene feet that breathables use keeps me lusting for the OSS potential.

Actually, while market segment priorities run rampant at both companies, mail-order shops like Cabelas and LL Bean offer stocking foot waders where the foot is made of the same breathable stuff as the wader. My experience is that the same material approach is prone to leakage, it's simply not tough enough; and it gets folded up inside the boot.

So in the end, I remain the frustrated consumer.

!!! But this is a forum... and our goals should include the ability to drive products to meet our collective goals. One guy calling Scappoose Oregon can't make a wader line or get Simms to develop a cooler stocking foot... but many people acting together can.

The web is about changing the way consumers and businesses interact. It's about unconventional business models and consumer-centric products. My hope is that we can build this forum and it's network of regional partners to have a voice in the way products are brought to market. If we can interconnect enough consumer voices using the web - we can actually change products to meet what we know we need... and companies will probably be glad to listen to us!

I know the potential is there, and it's real - but it will be a hard road to get there. That's part of the legacy we could potentially leave behind for the future flyfishers of the 21st century, who will undoubtedly have a much more internet-oriented lifestyle than we do today. The hard road is the one worth traveling!
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