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OS Systems Waders

I have one pair of waders out of all I've owned that are going on their ninth season. I liked them so much I bought another pair, but the first one is still going strong. How hard have I beat on them? H-A-R-D. Not only have I beat on them myself, they have been worn by dozens of other people whom I've taken fishin' in Washington State and New England alike.

The only hole I've ever poked in them was from a barbed wire fence. My short legs couldn't quite get over. I literally patched it with a 1" by 1" pc of duct tape at my the first spring I bought them out west, and the patch is still there today.

They don't breathe, but for cooler seasons they are incredibly comfortable. Line them with microfleece and the condensation never bothers you.

The other characteristic that wins people over is the feet. They are molded out of a single pc of latex made of the same material that military and coast guard divers use. In fact OSS makes much of their goods. They have no seams and fit like socks beneath wading shoes.

OSS only makes stocking foot waders. In sandy areas people are often turned off by stocking foot waders because of filling of boots, but as someone who fishes as much as anyone and guides on-season; that's all I use. If you wear wrap-around velcro gaitors and soled scuba boots, you'll experience a new sense of comfort and freedom to walk miles of soft sand.

I should get something from these guys... I've converted a lot of happy people to using them on both coasts! They told me they were making a pair of breathables last year, but informed me that those plans were canceled this year. I'll keep trying.

The waders fold up into a very small nylon case (provided) and retail for around $150.

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