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RE:Weekend report?


Managed to drag my sorry rear out bed at 4:30am Saturday. Headed for Sauk bar on the Skagit. I timed my walk in just right and arrived at the river with just enough light to tie on a fly. I wanted to fish the run before the sleds started tearing the place up. It was so cold my guides would completely ice up. My reel would freeze to the point I had to check it every couple of casts and free it. Made for some interesting casting as my line would freeze solid in the guides. I was able to fish the entire bar before the sleds arrived. But, no fish, not even a sniff. Beautiful morning. The mountains and the glaciers that feed the river were gorgeous in the morning light. Nice and peaceful. All things must pass though as 6 sleds began tearing up and down the river. Sometimes I wonder how those guys catch fish after ripping the river to shreds.

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