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RE:What is LC-13 line?

Hi Josko -

LC-13 is a true leadcore flyline that comes in level tapers (oxymoron) and lengths that can be cut to add instant rip-slicing capability to loop system lines. BobD will confirm whether the 13 means 13 inches per second or not... it can't be feet :-O

It's physical characteristics are that it is fairly stiff, in fact it's formable into shapes! That doesn't seem to affect it's performance while being cast, it does form a loop when cast. It has a very good coating material IMO. Things I have noticed - it is good for fishing deep in rips around here. It is used in short lengths for deep winter steelheading applications as well as deep ocean salmon flyfishing out in the pacific northwest. Because it has no taper, the "head" effect comes from the increased density of the material, not the diameter. This contributes to it's sink-right-now behavior.

I use(d) very heavy butt sections off the LC-13 and tapered into three pieces - 50# or more, #35, #20 for off-the boat mooching. There are other alternatives like the next paragraph. Also note that I haven't used LC-13 in a long while...


SA makes a 30' tapers (both ends) shooting head in 450, 550, up to 800 grains called "DEEP WATER EXPRESS". Aye carumba, wear a crash helmet for the 800. These are built in the way of regular shooting head fly lines and have a taper to ease casting and loop formation. Although not nearly as cheap as LC-13, they are still very affordable ($25-30?) because they are only 30 ft long. They are easy to loop, being real fly lines, and sink like rocks.

One nuance is because they are fatter (impregnated fly coating) they feel like casting a fat headed fly line as opposed to whipping a wire (LC-13). You have to feel them both out to see what you like, my preference was for the SA STS taper 550 grain because it casts like a fly line.

I do not have any complete hi-grain heads left because I chopped them all up for steely tips, but if there's anything I can help with (like time-proven loop techniques) I'd love to get together and work on this stuff with you.

Hope that helps,
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