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RE:Weekend report?

The beauty of steelheading is that even the off-condition days really are better than good days doing other things. In places like the upper Skagit, the Sky, the Clackamas, virtually any pacific northwest stream - the catching is a bonus but the fishing is a dream.

One day I was hiking along the river by the coal mines in the gorge where the families of those buried in cave-ins ask people not to go. Feeling enough honor that I respect these grounds and interested in finding steelhead up in the canyon, I walked the mossy rock walls upriver until I found an amazing sight. One of the geothermal springs was really running clear due to the volume of groundwater from the rains and it trickled down into a river rock bowl carved by a tumbling stone. There are a lot of these cylindrical holes in the gorge from the top of the flaming geyser all the way to palmer. This one still had a 100 pound round rock ball in the bottom of it and the water was like a bath. Although I had barely taken a cast yet, The temptation was too much... I hung my goretex, neoprene and polypropelene on cedar branches and lay the flyrod against the boughs, then sat in this steamy hole in solid rock, looking up at the giant trees peircing upward into the drizzly sky until I needed to start the long uphill hike back to the truck to tend to obligations. I went back there one time in the summer and it was a stinky sulphur pot, but after a winter of rains and when the ground is swelled with water it runs clean.

I'm sure we all have our steelhead sanctuaries, and sometimes there are even fish involved.
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