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RE:Simms breathable waders

Doug -

How are ya? What I prefer to use on sand is stocking foot waders, scuba boots with soles, and wrap-around neoprene stretch gaitors. The reason? Ninja feet! I can slice through the tide rips, run on smushy soft sand, chase albies down the beach, and walk Brewster Flats at mid-day on a minus tide without feeling like Frankenstein. In fact you can swim with them in the event you miscalculate the incoming tide. The gaitors prevent sand from entering the boots, all but a few grains.

I have converted dozens of people to scuba boots after fishing together on sand. I would imagine that trend will continue.

(none of this applies to anything other than surf flyfishing on beaches)

Another benefit of stocking foot is the ability to use my Danner boots with the Simms waders in river fishing situations. Remember to disinfect with 5 parts water to one part clorox when using felt boots across geographical regions!

Scuba subtleties:

There are a few points to be aware of... the boots should be the type with soles. Scuba boots now come with deck soles (boat soles) and terrain soles (rocky shorelines) as well as the common softsole. Don't even bother with the ones that do not have a good sole.

Zippers - can't live with them, can't live without them. Until they make a pull-on stretch boot (hmmm...) zippers are a necessary evil. The good news is, you only need to futz with them twice a day and there is no problem putting them on. Taking them off - is another story. I keep a pair of heavy forceps to grab the zipper tab for those occasional tough days. Also, make sure the zippers are gusseted (sp?) meaning there is a continuous flap inside the zipper.

Gaitors - get the kind with lots of mating velcro surface area. Race point surf will rip off anything less than aggressive velcro.

All that being said, I still feel it's infinitely more comfortable to work the beach with scuba shoes than with heavy boots.
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