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RE:Simms breathable waders

I think you got some excellent advise on the pros and cons of different breathables (brands) and different types (boot or stocking foot). Personally I have owned two pairs of breathables: the silver label from Orvis and the Simms guide model, both in stocking foot. I would not consider the bootfoot models because for me, walking with comfort, security, and well supported feet (flat feet syndrome!) is more important than the extra warmth and ease of entry of the bootfoot model. If you always fish the beach though, the sand issue mentioned by the other fellows is a major one. At the end of the day, I always get some sand in between my stocking foot waders and the boots.
As far as brands go and if money is no object (or you can at least live with it <grin>, I wouldn't think twice. The Simms are absolutely fantastic. I was so impressed with them that after fishing them a couple of days I sold my fairly new Orvis pair. The fit (comfort)and sturdiness are, in my opinion, superior to that of Orvis'. Breathability... I would guess it to be the same. In other words, just great. No sweat with them on all day.
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