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RE:Simms breathable waders


Of course I have an opinion.

Well being an old guy which my kids constantly remind of. )))

Back to the subject. After I retired the old red balls...I'm talkin about waders here! And getting over the sticker shock of breathable waders I bought the Orvis Silver Label boot foots. I got lucky and caught an Orvis promotion which gave me twenty percent off of the $225 price tag. First point, I have always had boot-foot waders so I'm used to them. Secondly last year I posted on BBS5 polling the RT knowledge pool. The concensus was that boot-foot waders held a major advantage over stocking-foot waders in respect to SAND. I cannot speak first hand about sand working it's way between the wading shoe and the stocking feet with or without gators. I do know it always works it's way into my swimming trunks. It just made sense to me. Thirdly the Orvis waders have a four or five year prorated warranty for leakage.

And if I spent more bucks on waders I wouldn't have been able to spring for the RPLXi.
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