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Water temp is key on the beaches here and snook appear right near the shore, it seems, on the last two days of March, when I'm about to leave. This has happened the last two years I've been there.They're spooky at this time and hard to catch, swimming away as soon as the fly hits the water. Red tide didn't help either. Snook took off for the deep to protect themselves and we had a good fish kill each morning. This year, so far, the red tide hasn't hit the Ft. Myers area. As for flies, white is the best color for me for snook. I like white clousers, white Puglisi peanut butter flies on #2 hook, also olive/white and tan/white, tied sparse, using EP fibers or neer hair. White schminnow, pattern on one of these sites is good, white seducer caught my first snook. There are also jacks here which give you a good tussle on a flyrod. They seem to favor chart/white clousers. Also, ladyfish love white. Mostly size #2 hooks. I use a 9 wt clear intermediate line. If you do a search on Google and type in Florida flyfishing snook, it should lead you to some good sites and fly patterns. A good site to obtain productive flies for this area seems to be I never had a shot at tarpon from shore during March. From what I've heard, from May on is the time for tarpon from the shore. Hope this info is of some help to you.
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