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Renzetti SW Traveler

Sure I own a Traveler, but I bought a SW traveler too. The reason is, "T-1" is now being reserved for steelhead, salmon and trout sorte's. "T-2" is taking over for the 5/0 Partridge Prince Stainless missions.

This implicitly re-ignites the rotary vs. non debate, which I believe like most debates are predicated by subjective views. I think that whatever people are good at using is the right vise. Going beyond preference a bit, physics don't lie. If one is wrapping a lof of silk floss, it's easier to turn the fly than revolve the hand around a fixed position fly. Same goes for hackles being palmered where the barbs are to stay in one direction as opposed to axial twist. Universally jointed (rotary) hackle pliers help solve this, but I have yet to find one that could pinch a garden hose like my ol' standard chrome hackle pliers. Even the best rotary plier does not help me with floss or tinsel or the multitude of other wrapped materials that the Traveler lets me leave in one spot while the vise spins the fly on a single axis.

Now to tell the truth I don't cross-wrap too much gold tinsel on my striper flies but I do need to constantly check the symmetry of these often behemoth flies. When I apply coatings like softex or epoxy, the ability to spin the fly around with a remote handle greatly simplifies the potentially messy task. I even flip to match the alignment of the eyes.

Basically, it's just bigger jaws and bigger b*lls. A bit pricey at ~180.00 but worth it if you tie a lot of flies. I can't get over my friends who whine at fly shop prices then go buy stereos and skis at ten times the cost. A vise or a quality flyrod can be handed down to your grandchildren.
My grandchildren won't even know what a cassette tape is, never mind 8-track.

There are a lot of good vises on the market and each have their good points. SW traveler offers ease of use and sensible deisgn in a not-too-ridiculous price.

Just my .02
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