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"Claiming" Fly Patterns

Ahh, things have been getting a little too traditional around here . It has been weeks since an Intruder came to play. Most of my favourite flies are those that I have "claimed". Though I take my hat off to the true creative fishing genius that designed the beast - Ed Ward, I have begun to make it my own. I guess we all do that, no matter how we try to follow a pattern it slowly evolves more in our own image. I guess this is why my Mom doesn't follow recipes.

The Raging Intruder takes the flame orange on true orange double wings of my Raging Prawn (it too an offshoot of a GP) and combines it with the Intruder concept of Ed's. I really like it, it combines 2 of the flies that I have the most confidence in - it HAS to be good!

Let's see and hear about some of your "claimed" patterns.
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