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RE:Danner Wading Boots

Like the best hiking boots, Danners are stiff starting out but age well and last for several years. Their biggest advantage is support and overall durability, and I love the carbide studs for fall wading on river banks. The SPEED laces are hard to live without once you use them. I agree w/ Andre - the aesthetic stitching along the side panels comes off easy. I never bothered to stitch this non-structural panel. He may be having more problems lately... so you might ask him about new models. I have a new pair that I haven't needed to use yet (the old are still fine).

One note of caution - they should be purchased to fit the style of wader you wear with the arrangement of socks, etc. They are rigid like hiking shoes or skates and if they fit with summer waders they might not work with 5mm feet. If you buy for both wear outer socks in summer like most PNW guys do, this also keeps gravel and grit from damaging the wader feet while padding the space for winter weight use.

I've had many many shoes but none delivered the years of hard core service that the Danners have for me. Mileage may vary!
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