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RE:Redington Reels

Well, I took an advance on my smoke cessation motivational fund and picked up a Redington reel just before Monomoy II. I'd taken a cursory look at the Tioga and the Redington and thought they were comparable. A closer look pointed me to the Tioga (sealed drag, fewer parts + favourable comments from many on these Web sites). Technical curiousty overcame technical judgement and I opted for the Redington. One concern I had were the use of detents for the spool click, drag click and the drag adjustment click (keep in mind I am not familiar with general fly reel construction). The fly shop guy advised that the spool spring click could hang up and there was even a spare pin and spring provided along with a tool. But he indicated it would hang in the down position, disengaged from the click plate.

Anyhow, the reel worked fine thru my vacation until my last two hookups. It even worked fine on the largest fish I've hooked to date, which got me into backing. On the next to last hookup the reel locked up (wouldn't let line out). I was able to land the fish (22 - 24"). I suspect the problem was the spool click pin hanging in the proud position against the indentations in the click plate. A thread on the Main board of Flyfishingsaltwaters suggests this is the problem.

An easy remedy in the field is to eliminated spool click pin and spring. That tool will be in my tackle bag instead of at home in the box.

Other than that I like the reel. I'll post on further findings.

Fred A.
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