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RE:Weekend report?

Yeeow! Sorry to continue with the depressing tone of this thread, but Dana and I fished the upper Skagit from dawn till dusk (or almost) with nary a pull. Ditto to OC's description - very low flows (significantly lower than last week), clear, and C-O-L-D! Juro won't have much sympathy, but there was a thick frost on my truck when I headed out in the pre-dawn darkness and it stayed cold thru much of the morning.

If Eagle-Gawkers were Steelhead, we'd have been in hog heaven! Must have seen somewhere near 200 of those pass by us. Got a little applause from a couple ladies for casts almost landing in their laps (and frowns of concern from the stupid raft "captains")when the odd one would float right through our seam. And one guy was even talking with his passengers about spey rods and what kind of casts we were doing (Dana the Snake Roll, me the Doublespey) Most were courteous and stayed in the main flow along the other bank (the river is easily 300' wide at this point).

Bad news on the Digital Front - I thought I'd erased the old images from the card, but it seems they were still there and the pictures I took were never saved. I'm not sure if it's a defective memory card of if i'm just doing something ~stupid~! Either way, the results are the same . . No Pictures!

If you'd seen the beautiful sunny afternoon we had, with a perfect classic run and Dana booming out casts, you'd appreciate how bummed I was.

The upside is that Dana gave me several of his flies (not the Monsters - I'll get a pic of one of those in February), so I'll do a pic of them and my own when my Koday DC5000 arrives.

tight lines and RAIN!!!!

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