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Redington Reels

No surprise that the new Redington Reels were a hit at the weekend's fly show in Marlboro Massachusetts. I would assume you will be seeing it soon at a fly show near you. The pricetag sure made it apealling to a lot of people. It's aesthetics are downright swanky and it's price is unbeatable. People would look at it, tour he event, and come back to buy it. I can deduce without being a rocket scientist that this means there weren't many deals better than this one at rest of the show. (If you notice the way folks are responding to this reel at other shows near your neighborhood let us know)

Some didn't care for the way the drag grips but I think the true performance of a drag will tkae time to tell; others wanted a sealed spindle mechanism (like the Teton & Tioga, Lamson LS, etc). Despite these first impression doubts many of these same people ended up buying it before the show was over. I didn't have a problem with anything about it although I predict that someone will do some research on replacement of the factory drag discs with teflon / cork or comination of the two like Bauer's drag system. If such an experiment succeeds, the reel could very well compare with the $400 or higher class drags - for half the price. (Drag discs are super cheap)

Overall it has redefined the meaning of good value in machined reels. I look forward to testing it this season on some gnarly blues, small tuna (False Albacore, Atlantic Bonito) or big cow stripers.

(reply with your opinions here)
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