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The legs are made of stipped biots.

A biot is the feather barbule off of the leading edge of a goose wing....they are a very long tapered delta shape.

The way I bend them is related in the pattern above. What I do is use a fine tipped pair of tweezers....heat the tips of the tweezers for about 5-8 seconds on the tip of a BIC disposable lighter flame. Then grip the biot where you want the elbow joint to be with the heated tweezers...and bend or fold the biot over the tweezer at the angle you want....hold it for a few seconds and the biot has taken a set...much like a curling iron with hair.

I really like your idea of using them for Crab legs...I think you are onto something there.....If I can add my two cents worth....I would place 2 -3 biots together...heat and bend them all at the same time ...then use some flex cement to hold all three together....then I think you would have a real kick ass crab leg

If you cannot find biots, any good fly tying supply store will be able to get them for you.

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