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Articulated tube flies?

Here's a quick question of all you tube maestros: Is there any way to tie something like an articulated bunny leech on a tube? That is the cross-cut rabbit is wound on the tube and the straight tail is tied on the trailing hook which itself is swinging free..

That doesn't seem very clear to me, but that's what I'm contemplating. A fellow fly fisher recommended a small, articulated bunny leech, but he was tying on a small shank. Lacking the small shanks, not wanting to drive the 20 miles to the fly shop, and thinking about going fishing before I do, I thought someone on the board might already have the answer.

My concerns have to do with the hook being free-swinging. Is it necessary to use a junction tube? The idea is to produce as much motion into the pattern as possible. I thought of stringing a few beads between the tube and the fly, but I can't figure out what advantage they might provide.

Failing the tube idea, I suppose I could tie something using a trailer hook as the tail of the fly ala the Miyawaki Beach Popper.


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