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If I remember correctly, my friend liked the way it cast in close, hoever, he just felt he couldn't throw the same distance as the RPLXi, he said he just felt like his loops were very large and that it just died out past 50'. I think he is a good caster, and he loves his 10wt RPLX. He did really like the RPLXi, it was nice in the 30' range and didn't lose anything at the limits of his casting range. As the purchase of one of these rods now require a pretty good investment, I'd certainly recommend a test-casting session at a local shop, show, etc before buying. I'm sure your already aware of that though, it is just that I used to put stock in what others said, but after test casting a bunch of different rods, it certainly comes down to your individual style and preferences. It was funny, as I test cast the RPLXi a few times I just looked over to Chris with a big grin, and it certainly took a bit to wipe it off my face.

As for the Diamondback Backwater (BTW - same grin), here is the link to their web page <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">striper weapon</a><!--url-->

GRAPHITE: Intermediate modulus
(42 milliom) DGS800
SCRIM: Bi-directional fiberglass
FERRULE: Tip-over-butt
FINISH: Stealthalized matte
ACTION: fast
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