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Pike - Hair Brain

Tying Steps
1-Over wrap the hook
2-Tie in pale blue Bucktail over white BT , topped with pink Krystal flash, about 3 inches long extension beyond hook bend, this forms a platform
3-Tie in white fibre hair on top 3 inches long, and tie in white fibre hair about 1 inches long on the bottom
4-Tie in spreader, large EZ Body
5-Repeat step 3, with KF over it, sparse & cover the spreader
6-Tie in red fibre, under the hook, to reach hook bend
7-Tie in Pale olive Fibre over top, sparse & cover the spreader
8-Whip finish & paint the head with red nail polish

Thread: Uni 3/0 white
Hook : 2/0 Daichii # 2546
Platform: White & pale blue bucktail
Body: EP Fibre hair, white & pale olive
Flash: Pink Krystal flash
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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