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Funneldun steps

Recently I've been giving some thought to the fact that every photo and illustration I see of a mayfly lying on the water's surface shows the legs, thorax, and anterior portion of the abdomen in contact with the water. I started thinking that it would seem to make a great deal of sense to tie a pattern in which this natural posture is imitated, and the best way I could think to do that was to tie it on a curved shank hook, tied with the hook facing the sky rather than the water (i.e. "upside down" with repsect to traditional tying). I realize that this has been done before, and in a foray to our favorite antique shop in Maine this past week I found a book that showed some patterns by Neil Patterson; these are tied in his "Funneldun" technique, in which the fly lands on the water every time with the hook facing upwards. I think that this makes a lot of sense, not only from the standpoint of the posture, but also because the hook point isn't right in front of the trout's face, which can't hurt chances of hooking up. The curved shank hook idea may or may not be in use; it just makes sense to me that this be employed because of the apparent natural upward curve of the insect's body as it floats on the water. So the question is, does anyone have an idea as to how this technique is actually used to tie? Are there any books that illustrate the technique? Better yet, would anyone care to take some time and illustrate it on the forum?
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