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The French part of the name refers to my heritage, the creek part refers to my debut as a fly fisher when I was about 7 years old. I still have a split cane bamboo rod that was my dad's favorite rod. It's been 45+ plus years of learning about the sport and about tying flies. Mostly in Eastern Canada, Quebec and the Miramichi in NB.
I now live in Calgary Alberta where the Bow River has been my home water for the past 20 years. I mostly fish for Trout and over the past have fished for Bass and still chase toothy critters called Pike every spring. My wife Glenna of 20+ years has been most gracious in understanding my passion for the sport and my 2 boys, now 29 and 24 years old have just begun to taste the sport.
I also enjoy shooting sports and regularily blast away at clay targets, leaving lots of seed birds. I hunt upland game birds, phaesants, partidge and also enjoy some waterfowl like geese and ducks. Deer are plentiful so I also get a chance to get at them each fall.
Connected with Juro a few years back and now I am hooked on SW fishing and really enjoyed the Rip Trips last year. I enjoy the strippahs much more than the Bones or Tarpon I used to chase. My wife had never been to the East Coast until a few years back and we have since made that part of the world our favorite vacation spot. I know the Bow, the Elk, the Crow very well so if anyone is ever coming out this way give me an EMail and I will try to help.
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