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Adrian Sharp

I grew up in the UK within walking distance of the river Taw estuary in the South-West of England. Back then the Taw, Torridge and other West Country rivers had consistent runs of Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout (Sea Run Browns). There were also plentiful runs of Bass and Flounders in the summer months with a few cod showing up in late November/December. Bans on net fishing and clean-up operations are having some beneficial effect but it's a slow process.

My early fishing was bait for Bass and Flounders in the Estuary and ocean. Most of my fly-fishing was on stocked reservoirs and later, the lakes of the West of Ireland and the Scottish salmon rivers. I got interested in salt water flyfishing when I picked up Lou Tabory's "Inshore Flyfishing" in a London bookshop. I suggested a trip over to the cape with friends back in '94 but we ended up going to Christmas Island instead. I have only fished fresh water once since!

I relocated here in '95. My first striper outing was on the Merrimak River with Charlie Crew. Then I made a trip to the Cape and have fished there a couple of times each year with Kris Jop. A couple of my old UK fishing friends have also been over to fish the cape. We also make one 'exotic' trip a year - Exuma, Ascension Bay, Baha. This year we're going back to Christmas Island in March.

I work in New York where I'm a consultant with Computer Sciences Corp.
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