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Gregg Estey

I spent my first fishing years following my dad around California lakes and streams catching trout on worms and salmon eggs. We moved to Texas when I was nine and I started heading out on my own fishing for catfish and bass. It was during this time that my dad taught me how to tie a clinch knot and to this day every time I tie that knot I think of him and that day. I kind of think of it as the day I became a man in the fishing world.

At 13 we moved again and this time to New York. My quarry was once again trout, this time in the Catskills around Woodstock. When I was a senior in highschool I got the flyfishing bug and got my first set-up consisting of a berkley 7 weight fiberglass rod and a martin single action reel. I got my first trout on a dry on the Mohawk river with the help of an older gentleman who left before I landed the beautiful little brown. The West Branch of the Delaware became my home waters and the place where I honed my skills enough to consistently catch fish.

I went to college in Waterville, ME and graduated to both a graphite rod and landlocked salmon. After college I ended up in the Seattle area where I missed a great opportunity to pursue steelhead on the fly but managed to take advantage of the salmon and trout fisheries.

A couple seasons ago I moved to Scituate, MA and took up the hunt for stripers. Thanks to the people on this board that experience has been successful and a heck of a lot of fun.

With my brother and mother I own a hospice management and consulting company that has yet to turn a profit due to the Mass. DPH bureaucracy but we keep plugging away.

I have no wife or kids so there’s plenty of time for fishing. Hmmm….. maybe I’ve done a little too much fishing? Nah.
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