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You know that isn't what was being said. It is my understanding that the 2% impact is 2% of the total run. So if the run was 100 fish that the now acceptable kill rate on that run would be 2 fish. You know it isn't 2% mortality on one fish. So the commercial fisherman would have to take about 11 fish to get 2 dead one (18-19% mortality). And yes I know that sports fisherman have an impact too. Sport fisherman would have to release around 30 fish to kill their 2 fish (5-10% mortality). Who has an easier time taking there "allowable" number of wild fish to reach the allowable limit of dead fish?

It is also my understanding that between 30 and 50 of the fish these nets catch are wild fish and have to be released. I am sorry the impact is pretty huge and this fishery is hurting more then helping.

I personally would say yes 1% total impact would be better. But I speak for myself. And yes I know it would limit sport fishery too.

But why is the state asking for NOAA to increase the acceptable rate to 5-7%? So the commercial boats get a longer season.

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