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Rich -
Am I correct in assuming that WSC also finds that even a 2% impact by the combined sport fisheries to also be unacceptable. Does that mean that even a 1% hooking mortality (1/2 of 2%) in sport fishing would also be unacceptable?

Think that you'll have a tough row to hoe if the sport community isn't willing to accept the same standards for itself. Reserving what minimal inpacts that are allowed to just a sport fishery makes sense to us anglers I suspect that issue is even more complex than that given the mandates of the various State and Federal agencies. For example in managing such fisheries NMFS must consider conflicting policy or directions. The top two directions are ESA and Treaty concerns (unclear to me which has the highest priority), next in line would the direction from the Magunson act (maintance of viable fisheries).

Tight lines

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