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FYI, From the WSC VP of Political Affairs, Here's your chance to get involved!

As many, or all, of you know, WDFW has requested that NOAA Fisheries approve a THREE-FOLD increase in allowable mortality on wild ESA listed steelhead in the Columbia River for the non-tribal commercial "tangle net" spring chinook fishery. If approved, this allocation of mortality will be set in stone for the next three seasons.

The request is to up the allowable from last year's 2% to 5%-7% for the next three seasons.

I doubt that there's anyone among you who think that the 2% was acceptable to begin with, and the requested rates are triply unacceptable.

In an effort to ramrod the process, the request was made public just yesterday, the one and only WDFW hearing on the request will be Saturday, and the decision is reportedly slated to be made during the week next week.

First, I'd encourage everyone to not only go down to the hearing Saturday, but to encourage everyone else you know to do it, too.

For my part, I have a van that can seat myself and seven others, and I plan on driving it down. Anyone from the Seattle area that wants to go with me is welcome, until the van is full, of course. All I would ask is that everyone kick in $5 to cover the gas.

We could spend the hour, hour and a half, strategizing and pooling our information and resources to present some sort of a unified front. The more folks representing the most groups, the better.

Thanks, everyone, and please forward this to any lists or BB's that you would like to make sure that my van is full and that the freeway is full of others driving down there. We really need to take it to 'em on this.

The meeting is at 10 am at the Natural Resources Building in Olympia, 1111 Washington Street.

I can be reached at 425-281-0571, or at .

Fish on...

Todd Ripley
VP Political and Legal Affairs
Wild Steelhead Coalition,

-Lost poor realitive of the Simms family fishing fortune
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