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I agree with you on Puget Sound. Bycatch is very low indeed, anyway that's what the records show. But on the Columbia we have wild Steelhead and the Chinook entering the river at the same time.

I for one would much rather see the commercials having a season with tight restrictions. The only alternative is aquaculture and that is a dead end road for our wild Steelhead and wild Chinook. The tangle net is a loooooooser but you won't get the state or feds to admit to it. Sometimes ideas that seem good at the begining are not so good when put into action and that's the tangle net. Even if they perfect the tangle net it won't work, anyone who has been a commercial knows that time is money and you will never see a commercial taking the time to use a tangle net properly. The time has come for fish traps and let the commercials have their 25% of Columbia River hatchery fish, sport fishermen their 25% and the natives their 50% of MSY. That is fair and it is law. Trap fishing would mean the release of all wild fish.

Anyone have any expertise on this???
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