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Apologize about the confusion, I was in a hurry last evening and just wanted to get some info out. There is a request out to raise the incidental commercial fishing kill on ESA listed wild steelhead from 2% to 7% for the upcoming commercial spring chinook fishery on the Columbia River.

This whole tangle net fishery has been a fiasco for up river endangered wild steelhead as well as depressed runs on the lower columbia tributaries. As soon as I know more I will post it.

This is a note I recieved from Dick Burge our VP of Conservation.

Guys---I just got an e-mail from Trustee Jim Tuggel on the subject. It will come up at the F&W Commission meeting/hearing in Olympia this Friday and Sat. The request is for a 7% incidental kill on listed wild steelhead!

Some of these fish are threatened and others are endangered (in other words--some are near extinction). They may never recover if this type of mortality continues. We shouldn't be killing
a single one in a commercial net fishery let alone the allowed 2% or this new and unbelievable number of 7%.

-Lost poor realitive of the Simms family fishing fortune
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