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that's a dirty word,for sure,i've spoken with a long since retired commercial fisherman,,,,he got out in the eighties,,he stated they just threw the `unwanted',,,add whatever here;cutthroat,coho,over the side,,since it was illegle to bring them in,,it bothered him then,guess it still haunts him,,a lot of dynamics on the fishery there,,since some of those fish run way upriver,,what's the best way to come up to speed on info,?,i thought the state was buying out most of the commercial guys,at least in ore.???,,it's not like people don't eat,,but,,,,,,i try and `keep the faith',,,,with the `experts',,,,fish,n' game,,,,that's their `business',,wasn't the fishery closed offshore for,springers,upriver brights ,about three years back altogether?
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