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Hi guys,

Below I will best describe the rivers we fish.

The Harry's River (the river the lodge lies along) is a medium sized river averaging 40-80 feet across in it's upper reaches and 60-160 feet across in it's lower reaches. It's bottom consists of mostly small to medium stones/rocks with some gravel, shale and boulders in certain areas. The upper portion is mostly pockets and smaller pools while the lower stretches are wider with more pool definition. There is a good mix of both grilse and salmon to 30+ pounds. The average fish caught is approx 6-8 pounds. This is good water for a lighter spey although it can be fished with a single hand comfortably.

The Codroy River is a larger river consisting of fast runs between shale and rock banks. The bottom is a mix of shale, rock and gravel. This is excellent spey water although it can be covered with a single hand. There is a mix of grilse and salmon here with a good number of large salmon. Last year a buddy and I on our first pass hooked 4 fish all of which were salmon except one. The river ranges from 80-200 feet across

Flat Bay Brook is more of a river then a brook. It is medium sized in a spectacular setting. It consists mostly of gravel and in some areas small rocks/stones and a few boulders. This is excellent bomber (dry fly) water, but is fished equally as well with wets. There is a good mix of grilse and salmon. Good water for both a spey or single hand.

The Robinsons River is a small-medium sized river ranging from 20-80 feet across. There are mostly grilse with some salmon mixed in. This river can provide some quick action at times.

The Humber River is only a option for the August trip. It is an August river. The river is fast moving and large. it is fished primarily from boats, however wading is possible in certain areas. It is excellent spey water. The fish average 15+ pounds with fish to 40 and 50 pounds being recorded over the years. Recently (in the last few years) some lucky guy landed a fish in the 52 pound range .

There are a few other rivers that we can fish, including rivers that require a little hiking, if that is something you'd like to do. Often we hitch flies on the rivers in Newfoundland which provides excellent top-water takes. Bombers and other dries also work exceptionally well on most of the rivers. The wet flies generally average from size 2-12, 6-10 being most popular. Undertakers, coosebooms, hairy mary's, blue charms, copper killers (especially after a good rain), green highlanders, etc are all good flies with many others working equally as well.

Let me know if there are any other questions.

Andrew Moy
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