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Thumbs up Rio Grande

I have not fished the Selective Trout line, but my 6wt Rio Grande is in it's 4th year of service and still going strong. I use it as a big-river dry line and attach a variety of rio "polyleader" sink tips to it, so it gets dragged over the rocks a lot. Still kickin'.

The welded loop is still intact and a nice feature. I would't want it on a light line for dry or midge fishing because it is a bit bulky (although you could cut it off I suppose).

The other consideration is that the Rio Grande is a little more line that advertised. I beleive it was designed to load fast action rods at short distances, so my 6wt line is really more of a "6 1/2wt". This is evidenced by the thick belly which barely squeezes through the tip top guide of my Sage SP.

It's good for what I use it for. Based on the description, the selective trout line would probably be more appropriate for small streams where delicate presentations are the rule.

PS you might want to check out the Cortland 444 Lazerline if you're looking at DT's

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