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I assume you are talking about WDFW increasing the allowable by-catch of wild upriver Columbia steelhead (i.e. Snake, Grand Ronde, Entiat, Wenatchee, Methow, Yakima, and Okanogan stcck).

If so, like Sinktip, this really makes my blood boil! NOAA will not allow the Wenatchee be opened or even consider it being opened for C&R for another 4 years because of the very low mortality in a C&R fishery, which they call unacceptable. Yet, the info you posted indicates that it is OK with them and WDFW to have far more of the upriver Columbia steelhead killed by the commercial salmon netters than would ever be killed in a C&R fishery. All so a few commercial salmon netters can use more efficent nets and thus catch more fish in a shorter time. AARGG!!!!!

If I am wrong on this, please clarify.
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