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Split back phesent tail nymph

This has been one of my most effective patterns for BWO and other beatis hatches. As a mayflynymph hatches it's back splits first. Often is looks like a green slit on it's back. This pattern is kind of like a flash back nymph and can be a good switch up if the fish get use to the flash back pattern

#16-#20 Nymph hook
pheasent tail barbs
3 hackle quills, I like darker dun the best
darker dun dubbing or peacock herl
a small piece of chartreuse fly line backing
brown thread

1. tye on the quills as a tail (3 for beatis). Type one strait and the other three in a x pattern

2. Tie on 2 barbs from the pheasent tail and palmer it 1/2 way down the hook and tie down.

3. Tie on the small piece of backing then 4 pheasent barbs along the hook and cut off the foward facing excess.

4. Either palmer the rest of the hook with the peacock hearl or dub it loosely.

5. Fold the barbs and the backing over the herl/dubbing and secure with one loop of the string. then fold the barbs back two on each side as legs and tie in place.

6. Cut off any excess backing and finish the head. Done.

For a little extra dab on a drop of epoxy to the back or add a dark colored bead head.
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