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Yes, he requires brushing, and bridle path cut. Only problem, he's a typicle appy. Their manes/tales grow REALLY slow. Bridle path is still almost the same from last year. The damned brush is almost nil of hair. At this pace, it'll take me a year to get enough for one hairwing. :hehe: But, figures. The main was flopping over the neck in opposite directions every 5" or so. So thought for sure I was gonna get it all this year. Well, now, laying all on one side. So I'm SOL in that dept.

NO WAY am I gonna trim. It's one of those things that the more "little bits" I trim, eventually it'll be all gone. Plus, my girlfriend loves her horses like they were her own babies. She can spot a loss of hair/injury from a mile away. But, thought it was interesting. Have seen other white horses before. But this is first I've seen with that same coloration/translucent coloration like you'll see in polar bear. I only noticed it because I had to actually hold his head up while she was doing some work to a small injury and actually got a close up look at his hair. I was like "oooooooooooooooooooo". Funny to see how fast she reckognized my wheels turning. :hehe:
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