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Rochester area??

Yeah, I live there, and occasionally fish the Salmon. (Also lots of smaller streams near here!) It's about a 2 hour drive, depending on how heavy your foot is.

The thing to remember is that it's winter here, and planning that far in advance is tough.

For the last couple of weeks, it has been hard on "fishing conditions" with snow and below zero weather - and it's continuing. It's a little too far to start planning that far in advance. Tug Hill (the feed area for Salmon runoff) has been getting hit hard with lake effect.

Anyway, you need STUDDED NON-FELT WADING SHOES so you don't kill yourself, no matter where you fish, both for wading, and to get to the water, and for not slipping and skidding on your way to any of the rivers.
At a minimum, Korkers are worn by some.

Depending on conditions, keep your mind open - you MAY want to fish the Genesee (right in Rochester) below the falls. It's a good river, too, and has nice runs of fish. There are also numerous smaller streams in the area, as well, and as long as they aren't frozen over, they may offer an alternative if conditions are "off" at the Salmon.

If it's cold, and water temps are down, late afternoon can suddenly turn the fish on, as the ever-so-slight warm up in water temp. over the day takes effect. Best barometric pressure seems to be around 30.0 and 30.2, IMHO, but I fish anytime the weather is bearable.

Good luck,

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