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A great polar bear substitute

Now, if ONLY I could harvest it without my girlfriend killing me.

Well, give you the scoop. My girlfriend is big into horses. She even chose to become a horse massage therapist, just loves them. She has two appy's. One is the standard blanketed butt roan appy. But one is an albino pretty much. Pink pigment skin, almost pure white. But sheds into a nice white with some black spots over his body. But almost a pure white with blue eyes. Well, we were out feeding today, and I had a good chance to check out his mane. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has that translucent look of polar bear. A good 6" long to boot. Man, it's perfect. Plus, not so thick that it'll flare up. Would also make great saltwater streamers if left in long length. But never looked that closely before, so never knew it was so translucent. When my girlfriend saw how I was studying it, she said "Don't you dare even THINK about it!!!!!!!!!!!". She had said late last year if his mane didn't come around it was gonna be shaved (Appy's are known for having floppy manes that don't behave and look best shaved). Well, for some damned reason it is now behaving and laying nicely on one side of his body. When I said "Well, you were thinking of shaving before" I just got the evil eye. What a waste. I may have to take a pair of scissors with me next time.
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