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Hi Skilly, here is the web site you are looking for, an other one for you to check out is and also
I first floated the Deschutes in a one man pontoon boat about 10 years ago, i used an 8' bucks bronco and went Macks to the mouth with no real problems. I agree with Steelheader69 you need at least an 9' or 10' or 11' pontoon boat to carry any gear for a 2 or 3 day trip, my 8' boat was over loaded with a tent, sleeping bag,pad, and cooler with enough food to last 3 days.
As for lining it through Washout you can go tight right or tight left and you will be fine just remember to wear your life jacket at all times. One other tip i can pass on is if you are going to float the lower river on days the Jet Boats are running get a 10' light weight pole with a flag on it and attach it to your pontoon boat, When you are bouncing through some of those rapids(Rattle Snake comes to mind) the jet boat operators will not spot you in your pontoon boat and start up the same rapids as you are coming down and speaking from experience it does not make for a fun Trip. tight lines and have fun down there,brian
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