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I'm sure others will chime in bbut here's my take:

three ways to go:

(in order of difficulty)

deer hair
closed cell foam sheet / gurgler
livebody foam

Livebody foam comes in a cylinder, poke a hole thru with a bodkin. I push the eye of a long shank hook thru first to test things out. If you use the kind with the humpback (hook) don't test first and poke a bigger hole. Anyway, Wrap a layer of thread around a long shank hook and a drop of zap a gap and work the hook thru the foam. Decorate the sides as you like and coat with a thin layer of epoxy. Turning wheel is a plus.

Gurgler is essentially a tail, crystal chenille body, with a doubled over pc of foam sheet (craft store, couple bucks). Pretty easy tie but doesn't make as big a distruption as the banger.

DEERHAIR head patterns:
Dahlberg diver, for instance. Not a popper but a very good surface-oriented lure, you can play around with deer hair and make all kinds of topwater flies if you know how to spin it already.

Oops forgot:

Most of mine are variations of Page ROger's Slim Jim. Use livebody foam as in banger but narrower. The preformed popper bodies are good too. You can make a nice dahlberg diver pattern using the conehead foam bodies backwards.

check the archives, there must be some in there..
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